Multiphoton Optics hosts Technology Briefing in Tokyo

Multiphoton Optics’ Technology Briefing in Tokyo provided inspiring insights into industrial manufacturing based on High Precision 3D Printing for various markets and branches. Decision makers, researchers, and leading pioneers for industrial applications have discussed the commercial and technological benefits of Multiphoton Optics’ disruptive business model with cutting-edge customer use cases. The audience was particularly interested in the successor technology of classical grayscale lithography: Multiphoton Optics’ FALCon3D and LCon3D Multiphoton Manufacturing Tool. The event ended with a fantastic networking party and a virtual reality demonstration of our technology in action.

Dr. Christian Geltinger, Chief Representative of the State of Bavaria in Japan, stated: “Multiphoton Optics is a real example of an excellent success story, one of our Bavarian Hidden Champions.”

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