Equipment Demo

Easy system operation and high flexibility

Substantial benefits for the user are the easy system operation combined with a high level of flexibility. Furthermore, even though our system has been geared towards combining a lot of features and functionalities, it has been developed to be space-saving in comparison. This means that all control units and regulation devices as well as further necessary processing units are included in the multifunctional integrated housing of LithoProf3D®.

The software for code generation consists of a Virtual Machine Code Creator named LithoSoft3D which uses a proprietary compressed file format with embedded modules and editors.

The machine control software named LithoStream is used for 2D, 2.5D and 3D structure fabrication using the Virtual Machine Code files generated with LithoSoft. Our virtual machine code offers a high compression rate and converts G-Code files, which are normally very large because of their level of detail, into optimized files that occupy less disk space.