Scalable Processes


…Scaling from Pilot to Series Production


Multiphoton Optics' scalable 3D direct laser writing technology can be used starting from prototyping and all the way to pilot series and volume production.

No matter how our customers would like to scale: We have just the right solution for you and support you in ramping up to the production level. Whether our customers would like produce at their sites or choose a supplier for production of parts, we just offer a suitable solution.

Substantial benefits for the user are the simple system operation combined with a high level of flexibility. All control units and electronics are included in the multifunctional integrated housing of LithoProf3D®. 

The software consists of a Virtual Machine Code Creator LithoSoft3D which uses a proprietary compressed file format with embedded modules and editors. The control software LithoStream is used to fabricate the structures using the Virtual Machine Code files. This enables to spool large machine code files without loosing details.