IVAM Hightech Summit 2021


Save the Date

Meet us at the IVAM Hightech Summit 2021. We will be present with a Virtual Booth.
The online event will also feature nine virtual sessions on hot topics in micro- and nanotechnology.

Our Application Engineer Willi Mantei will be giving the talk
Additive Manufacturing of Microoptics via 3D Laser Lithography
Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 4:10 pm. 

More information at IVAM Hightech Summit organized by IVAM Microtechnology Network.

About IVAM Hightech Summit:
Since 2017, the IVAM Hightech Summit has been held as a central point in the year when companies from micro and nanotechnology come together and present the latest developments and products as well as discuss the challenges for the future. In recent years, the digitalization of the working environment has always been a recurring theme.

About IVAM:
As an international microtechnology business network and technology marketing expert IVAM connects professionals in the high-tech industries and supports them in bringing innovative technologies and products to market and gaining a competitive edge in international competition.