Happy Easter in weird times


To avoid Covid-19 and support the #flattenthecurve movement, we had started active contribution already at the end of January 2020 by implementing several measures:

  • Cultural tradition. In order to avoid personal contacts, we greet by smiling and a bow instead of shaking hands. We like this Japanese tradition and have adopted it, being in line with our Japanese customers and friends.
  • Hand sanitizing and disinfection. We have installed dispensers for disinfecting our hands after thoroughly having washed them for at least 30 seconds with a suitable soap. We also offer hand moisturizer which is a must in our business to keep the hands in a healthy state.
  • Social distance. We have significantly reduced the number of personal meetings and keep a minimum distance of at least 1.5 m. We also avoid any other social contacts unless absolutely necessary.
  • Online Meetings. Instead of personal meetings with our customers, partners, and staff, we offer web meetings via Skype Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco’s WebEx. To ensure stable online communication, we have significantly enhanced our IT infrastructure.
  • Working remotely. To minimize personal contact, part of Multiphoton Optics’ Team is working from home. This is nothing new to us, since this is an integral part of being an innovative and responsible employer to our staff members. Due to our excellent communication tools, each team member can be reached via phone, email, and online meeting tools as if they were in the office. We strongly support freedom in the works and the work life, as we see this as an important and integral part in creating innovative solutions for 21st Century Manufacturing of your design ideas.
  • Productivity. It is our business to support our customers in the development of the next product generations with our High Precision 3D Printing and 3D Lithography technology. As an organization focused on solutions, we have organized our works to ensure no effects on delivery times for both our Services and our Equipment, LithoProf3D®. LithoProf3D® runs 24/7 which enables very flexible work approaches. Our production is not affected at all.

We are aware that the situation can change dramatically from day to day. However, we think that all the limitations will have a positive effect on the way we all value social interaction and technology. To cheer you a bit up, we send you a cool Easter Bunny until we see each other again.

Just follow these words: Let us stand together now to fight the spread of Covid-19 by keeping distance today to embrace each other again tomorrow.