Growth despite crisis


Multiphoton Optics GmbH (Würzburg, Germany) is growing despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. New members have been added to a team, that has already nearly doubled in 2019.

As is known by now, the COVID-19 pandemic hits societies worldwide. Economically, according to the Institute for Employment Research (Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency), the number of employed people could decrease by roughly 1 million in Germany. Belonging to the 2 % of companies expecting increasing revenues according to the DIHK prognosis at the end of March, Multiphoton Optics is bracing itself against the downward trend by hiring new employees for Marketing, Sales, and Software Development.

Equipment and service deliveries are not affected as a result of effectively organized works and workflows, allowing the new team members to remotely work and join the Multiphoton Optics family.  While it is undoubtedly a challenge starting a new job without any physical contact to colleagues, we will include them as an integral part of our company and support them for a successful start at Multiphoton Optics.


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