Beyond Lithography – Multiphoton Optics’ Online Q&A Session, August 27, 2020

beyond lithography qandathursday august

Following the successful first edition of our #QandAThursday Session end of July, we invite the interested community in Optics/ Photonics and Biomedical Engineering, but also the next generation of technical experts to join the forthcoming #QandAThursday „Beyond Lithography“, scheduled for August 27, 2020.

Join this open platform offered by Multiphoton Optics to get a deeper insight into 3D Lithography, and learn more about the technological advances offered by 3D Direct Laser Writing. Benefit from Multiphoton Optics‘ experience in Nano and Microsystems and Packaging Technology, and the deep know-how of our experts along the value chain, from materials, prototyping and engineering via process technologies to industrial scale production. Our experts will answer your questions and discuss open questions with all participants. Individual questions arising during the session will be answered in B2B-meetings following this session.

Learn how we support you to validate your design ideas and how to implement our Engineering & Consulting Services from Prototyping to Production level for AR/VR, Sensors, Meta Materials, Biomedical Engineering, Mobile, Computing, Illumination/Imaging, Automotive, and Displays. Your application is missing? Just let us know.

Join our monthly online Q&A Sessions at #QandAThursday.

Please register, the participation is free of charge.

Beyond Lithography – Multiphoton Optics’ Q&A Sessions