Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to sustainability in technology and business processes


We are convinced that a company has to save resources and protect the environment to comply with its economic and social responsibilities. Multiphoton Optics GmbH is committed to sustainability in technology and business processes. We believe that technology will positively impact every person’s life and has to contribute to environmental protection.



  • We comply with legal standards for environmental protection and train our employees to follow the regulation concerning our business.
  • Our Green Photonics technology minimizes waste and energy consumption for the users of the technology and also for the components in use.
  • We consider to minimize the consumption of water, energy and other resources in the development of our products and services.
  • We segregate and recycle waste to enable the recovery of natural resources in a circular economy.
  • We consider the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our business processes, and we continously follow our mission in becoming a climate neutral company.
  • We substitute hazardous substances by more environmentally friendly alternatives. We ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste if it cannot be avoided.


Social Standards

  • We comply with the laws on social standards.
  • We ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.
  • We assess hazards for health and life and follow best practices to protect our employees. All employees receive regular first-aid trainings at the company’s expense.
  • We respect the principles of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative.
  • We have facilities for relaxation and sport.
  • We have flexible working hours, the options for part-time work and home office, and ensure the compatibility of family and work.
  • We foster education in our region and in our company through cooperation with educational institutions and the offering of internships and formal vocational training for apprentices.
  • We are open to our employees’ concerns and issues and will treat respective inquiries by appropriately considering the reasonable interest of our employees.
  • We encourage the development of our employees and finance individual trainings.
  • We create the necessary leeway for the voluntary social commitment of our employees.


Our achievements

Our Green Photonics Technology was awarded in 2013 with the Green Photonics Award in the Category Optical Communication.


What people say about us:

"Dr. Houbertz has developed an impressive technology that will transform the semiconductor industry. This game-changing applied technology reduces the amount of toxic solvents used in manufacturing our beloved mobile devices. While the generation of environmental toxins is prolific in this industry, few technologies promise to deliver significant advancement like Multiphoton’s."

Priscilla Denney, Director, Water Strategy, Microsoft