Disruptive Technology for Industrial Production. ­­– We believe that technology will positively impact every person’s life with products for VR/AR, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Networks (NN), Medical Technology, Quantum Computing, and Energy-Efficient Computing Systems. Products should be useful, affordable, simple, and intuitive. Our core technology and scalable processes will contribute to revolutionize the manufacture of components, modules, or systems for optics, photonics, and medical products. It is our passion to produce optics as electronics are, with optical packages mounted similar to electronic components and to co-integrate optics, photonics and medical platforms. Our customers and our team are committed to disruptive manufacturing.

Imagination is the only limitation.

We are very open to future-driven ideas. What might sound crazy to some people does not sound crazy to us at all. We understand that our imagination is faster than the technologies behind that for the time being, but we are positive that we will manage to be part of the Here and Now and the Future.

We are disruptive in the technology we use, the ideas we promote, and the customers we support. The company will use the full power of Industry 4.0 with its integral part of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, and we are constantly developing our ideas and technology further to best support our customers.

A path is created when you walk it. Just do it.

It should become clear that customers can use our technology, but the success will be faster and deeper in a close cooperation. Our drive comes in part by our company, and in part by the customers who challenge us to push the boundaries.

Our supportive technology can be used by our customers to achieve these goals in many different markets and branches. We prefer our technology to be used where it is the most useful and is the highest benefit for everyone. We will suggest alternative solutions where they are a better fit.

It is important that there is a freedom to explore within our team. Our freedom to explore extends to our customer as we see our works in their view, always eager to meet or exceed their expectations with full responsibility. We take confidentiality seriously, and we will not share any information without permission of the customer or partner, even if it is available by other sources.

Freedom is a passion seldom understood. Take your freedom.