About Us

About Us


Multiphoton Optics GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH, is an innovative solution provider and global manufacturer for maskless 3D Laser Lithography Equipment for additive, subtractive and ablative manufacturing processes based on Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP) technology.

Our customers benefit from the experience with more than 1,000 systems installed worldwide, the know-how of approximately 300 employees in 7 countries, at 11 different locations, and an international sales and service network on all continents.



Our Company History



  • M&A transaction closed on March 12, 2021: Multiphoton Optics becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH (HIMT).
  • Integration of Multiphoton Optics into HIMT group jointly led by Dr. Benedikt Stender as CEO at Multiphoton Optics and Dr. Boris Neubert as Integration Manager at HIMT.


  • Reached the Jury Stage list of Großer Preis des Mittelstandes 2020.
  • Nearly doubled employees compared to end of 2018.
  • Expanded production and application labs.
  • Reorganization MPO on August 11, 2020 with Dr. Boris Neubert (COO) and Dr. Benedikt Stender (CTO) as Managing Directors.


  • 2019 Series B Financing Round closed.
  • Launch of LithoProf3D®-GSII.
  • Closed a production agreement for industrial serial production of micro optics on laser dies.
  • Finalist at the TCT Award and the Großer Preis des Mittelstands.


  • Winner of Best of Industry Award, Additive Manufacturing category.


  • Winner Fraunhofer-Gründerpreis 2016.
  • Prism Award Finalist (Additive Manufacturing).


  • Market launch of several products of the LithoX3D series and of the industrial software platform LithoSoft3D.


  • Series A Financing Round closed.
  • Launch of software product LithoSoft3D.
  • Launch of first industrial equipment platform LithoProf3D.
  • Transfer of the company to its new facilities in Würzburg.
  • Prism Award Finalist (Additive Manufacturing).


  • Seed Round closed.
  • Reorganization of MPO on August 4, 2014, with Dr. Ruth Houbertz as CEO.


  • Foundation of Multiphoton Optics (MPO) GmbH as a Fraunhofer spin-off on September 13, 2013, with Dr. Markus Riester as CEO and Dr. Ruth Houbertz as CTO.
  • Prototype development phase.
  • MPO wins the Green Photonics Award SPIE and the Cowin Award EU.


  • Project Light Matter Interaction Industries (LMI2).


  • Focusing business plan on optical data communication, large PCB backplanes, Optical Chip Packaging, identification of opportunities for large-area applications.


  • Drafting of first business plan ideas, market analysis High-Performance Computing (HPC).


  • Initial idea of spin off as means for commercializing TPP for different markets (optical data communication, biomedical, …).


  • Strong expansion of TPP activities at Fraunhofer ISC for demonstrating different application opportunities.


  • Joint project Markus Riester (@AT&S) and Ruth Houbertz (Fraunhofer ISC) on TPA waveguide structuring.


  • First TPP materials and experiments (Fraunhofer ISC, LZH).