10th Wetzlarer Autumn Meeting Modern Optical Manufacturing September 29-30, 2020

The 10th Wetzlarer Autumn Meeting „Modern Optical Manufacturing“ focuses on innovations in the classic areas of optical manufacturing: materials, components and systems, coating, equipment and metrology. The anniversary event offers an international conference program, an accompanying exhibition and a variety of networking opportunities.

Multiphoton Optics GmbH will be part of this event and contribute with the talk

“Printing of Optics for Next Generation Products.“


Dr. Benedikt Stender, CTO & Managing Director of Multiphoton Optics will highlight Multiphoton Optics‘ core technology, the advantages of High Precision 3D Printing via Direct Laser Writing (DLW) by Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP) as a disruptive technology in sub-micrometer, micro, meso and macro fabrication, for the realization of novel products in various fields, such as photonics, biomedicine, life sciences, and mechanics.

Multiphoton Optics‘ LithoProf3D® direct laser writing equipment, paired with the deep expert know-how along the value chain, enable complex designs in combination with reduced amounts of process steps for rapid prototyping. The production of flat optics, also known as metalenses, with heights below 2 µm is an excellent example for the use of 2PP in the development of miniaturized optics.

Meet us on September 29 and 30, 2020 at Wetzlar Town Hall, Booth No. 6 (Upper Level) and discuss with us your design ideas!

For further information, the program of the 10th Wetzlar Autumn Meeting and registration please visit the event page.


Photonics Hub GmbH is a service provider in the field of photonic technologies as well as adjacent technology and application fields.

The tasks include technology transfer, qualification of employees, event and trade fair organization, project management, public relations and networking.


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